Yuletide Greetings!

Happy Yule! Here in my house, we celebrate Yule. I am a Swede by heritage with both of my paternal grandparents being from Sweden. We always celebrated the holiday on Christmas Eve by having a big meal in the evening followed by opening presents. Then, on Christmas Day, we would open the gifts in our stockings.

After I had my own family, I carried on the tradition. We also have a few of our own traditions. I always serve something different for our Yule meal, tonight will be Chinese food, and, after we eat, we will open gifts. Tomorrow morning, I will set out a big table full of snack foods and goodies for us to munch on all day, thereby ensuring I don't have to cook or clean. Much like the day after Thanksgiving, the day after Yule is an easy day where I will relax and eat at my leisure. The kids will open up their stockings and enjoy the little assortment of gifts in there. It's like bonus Yule! 

I am now on my official Holiday leave from work, like most everyone else at my job. I work at the local University, and we shut down for ten days (this year) over the holidays. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a lot; visiting with friends I don't get time to normally spend time with; getting out and doing things with my kids & husband; getting more time to work on my book; doing things I normally don't get a chance to do; and getting out of town for a few days on an adult trip with my husband. 

I hope, however you celebrate, that your holiday is wondrous and full of food, laughter, and love. I'm reminded, especially during this time of year, how fortunate I am. I never take that fact for granted, no matter how tough things can seem at times. I wish for you the same.

From mine to yours, best wishes for a holiday season,



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