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Summer Vacation 2023: Weekend on the Missouri River

On the second weekend of my vacation this summer, my best friend Rebecca and I drove down Highway 75. Our destination? Brownville, NE, to spend the night on an old riverboat turned into a small floating hotel. Union Orchard is on the route so, of course, we had to stop for a wine tasting. I've posted about Union Orchard on this blog a handful of times so I won't go into great detail. Still, it's a family farm store that sells their produce (in particular, apple-related products) and the wine they make as well as wine from other Nebraska vintners. Rebecca is getting ready to sit down with her glass of wine and a slice of homemade rhubarb pie. After our pleasant stop at the orchard, we headed into Brownville. The town is one of the oldest in the state and has many historic buildings. We stopped at the Lyceum which was a public hall in it's prime but is now a restaurant known for breakfast. Just down the street away sits the historic Carson House. Built in 1860 by Richard

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