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Preserving Food

As someone who lived many years of adult life on the edge of poverty, I firmly believe in cooking food from scratch. I also don't like food to go to waste so always use various ways to preserve it. Since it's just my daughter and myself in our home, buying produce from my favorite CSA can be problematic. I mean, we love it but since there are only two of us, we just don't eat it fast enough. This is why employing different preservation methods is a must. On my last CSA pickup, I got the standard fruit/veg box along with the Mexi-pack. The Mexi-pack was filled with tomatoes, onions, different kinds of spicy peppers, some sad-looking cilantro, garlic, green onions, limes, and lemons. I roasted the tomatoes (it's easy to peel off the skins if you roast them in addition to making them taste better), along with a few poblano and jalapeno peppers. I then blended them up with onion, some green onion, some garlic, what I salvaged from the cilantro, and fresh lime juice to make

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