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Redemption and Revitalization at 8000 Feet

My dear reader, I have so much to share with you that I will be posting my bi-weekly blogs like I used to. I've taken a couple of trips recently, one of them to South Dakota for my yearly vacation. A little over a year ago, I posted about my goal to climb Black Elk Peak. I didn't do it then, but I trained ever since that moment to hike it again.
See, when I was fourteen, my Dad took me on a two-week vacation to South Dakota. I had a lot of fun until the fateful day he drug me up Harney Peak - since renamed Black Elk Peak. I had no desire to hike at that age, and I whined a lot - and even got really angry at one point. Years later, after I became a seasoned hiker, I knew I wanted to go back and conquer it. Conquer it I did. I fought old, fat and out-of-shape me and I fought my crippling fear of heights to conquer that mountain. 
And, as I stood in the old fire tower, looking out over the majestic and overwhelmingly massive landscape, I felt a few things. I felt a sense of acco…

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