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A Mother's Day Adventure

About six years ago, we took the kids on a day trip adventure to Sioux City, Iowa. Only a short 90-mile-drive north from Omaha, it's a good place to spend a day. On that trip, we went to the Sergeant Floyd Monument, the Sergeant Floyd River Museum (which is housed in an old steamboat), and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center/Betty Strong Encounter Center. While we had a good time, we haven't been back to Sioux City since then. That changed when I was thinking about a day trip adventure for Mother's Day. I didn't want to do the same things and go to the same places that we tend to frequent often, so I do what I usually do in these instances and pull up a map.

I looked at Sioux City and thought, "I wonder what we could do there?" I did a quick search for activities in Sioux City and found a handful of free things to do that I hadn't done before.

So, after eating a proper Mother's Day breakfast made for me by Nature Girl and packing up a picnic lu…

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