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Healthy Life: Goal and Challenge Update

July has come and gone and with it my latest Goal and Challenge. This means it's time for an Update, so let me fill all of you in on how July went.

The Goal
As you may recall, I was pretty restless over this last Winter and was anxious for Spring to arrive. Why? Well, I'm a nature girl at heart and I was more than ready to get outside and start indulging in hiking - one of my favorite activities. Spring decided to arrive late this year, not really appearing until the end of April, so I threw myself into walking/hiking with gusto and determination. By the end of May, I had walked nearly 120 miles and when June ended, I had walked about 98 miles. This triggered me to make a monthly goal of walking/hiking 100 miles. So how did I fare in July? Well, I walked/hiked over 107 miles! Not too shabby, huh? 
My exact numbers are as follows:
May - 119.01 miles June - 97.45 miles July - 107.32
All this walking and hiking has been fantastic for my physical health. Like I've reported in …

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