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Out with the Old and in with the New

It's hard to believe it, yet here we are, firmly in the grasp of another new year. When 2019 began, I couldn't have been in a lower nor more miserable place. 2018 was harrowing and I felt hopelessness so deep and so pervasive, that I wasn't sure if things would ever turn around. I couldn't see a light at the end of that miserable tunnel and it was devastating. While I tried to see the positive in 2018, inside I was horribly depressed. Fortunately for me, the end of February was a turning point and in March, I slowly started bringing my life back together, albeit in a new way. Basically, the good came back to my life and I came out of the darkness shiny and new. I had grown, nee blossomed, into something greater than the sum of my parts.
Now, as 2020 dawns, I start it with a new sense of self, a new direction in my life, and with feelings of hope, contentment, happiness, confidence, and direction. 2020 will surely be my year, I can feel it. It's amazing to see how …

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