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Let's be real for a minute. We all know that I'm an author. I write books, it's what I do. Being a writer is a creative process that I don't always have control over. What I mean by that, is that oftentimes - no matter my best efforts to keep some kind of order in my writing process - I am beholden to my subconscious. It's my subconscious that says, "Oh, that's what you want to do? Well, too bad! We're doing this instead." For the first handful of years that I was writing, it was this battle between my logical, organized side and my creative side that would cause me grief. Now, several years in, I gladly go where my creative side takes me because that's when I write my best work.
It's no great surprise to me, then, that after working on my Houses of Hades(HoH) trilogy in a diligent manner for a while, my creative mind took a different turn. Instead of being all into The House of Vermilion, I'm back into Vanished. For those of you who …

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