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Life Lately in (Unedited) Photos

Life is grand, my friends, and I've made good on a promise to myself to get back out and live life again. You know, like I used to. Recently, I drove out to one of my favorite nature spots: Neale Woods. The weather was ungodly hot and since I'm giving my knee plenty of time to heal, my goal on this day was to just meander around a bit, take a few photos, and soak in the beauty of the Ponca Hills. Native wildflowers are a hallmark of this place and I never tire of seeing them. I'm sad to report that the old Nature Center, a.k.a. Carl Jonas' house, has been torn down. All that remains are some ground cover that has grown in and this picnic table. While I understand the reasons behind tearing down the Center - as well as pretty much all the other outbuildings - it still makes me sad. It also makes me a bit nostalgic for when I first started hiking here. All the things that made this place special to me are gone. It's not the same anymore. The wildflowers, like this bea

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