Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reveries, Reflections, and Ruminations

Good morning friends and fans! It's a beautiful, albeit chilly, morning and I'm looking forward to getting this weekend off and running. As most of you are aware, my blogs posts are fewer and farther between. (For more information on that for those of you who aren't aware, click here.)

I've been preoccupied writing a style that is different from what I do with H.A. Larson, and it's exciting and fresh for me. I'm hard at work writing various things and it's keeping me energized. "The Box" is always in the back of my mind, and someday I will write the quintessential horror novel...just not anytime soon.

I've also had a few life changes happen as well since I made that announcement over a month ago. I started a new job that I'm absolutely in love with. I am at a University now working regular hours. It's really refreshing to be home every night with my family, and to share the weekends with my children. I'm very fortunate and thankful to have moved up! It's been a bit of an adjustment, however, going from working a graveyard shift to getting up at 5 a.m. during the weekdays. The first week found me really tired at work in the afternoon, and being ready for bed as soon as I got home. The second week was much better and I'm feeling more productive now in the evenings.

Another wonderful thing about my new job is that it's 9/10 of a mile from my house so, unless the weather is crappy, I've been walking back and forth from work everyday. I've also been walking at least one of the weekend days and because of all this, I'm averaging a three-mile walk five or six days a week. I had gained about five pounds towards the end of winter, and I'm happy to report that all my walking help me shed that and a few more pounds. I'm right back to my 75 lbs lost! 

I have another announcement to share with you all, and that's that I'm now under the Horrendum Media umbrella. It's a small, burgeoning media company that is unofficial for now and will have a couple of writers (including yours truly), a cinematographer/reviewer, and possibly more later on. I'll keep you all updated on that as time goes on. Anyway, if you see the Horrendum Media logo attached to my stuff, you will know why!

I hope this post finds all of you well.

Much love, 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Stroll on a Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, pleasant Saturday. My youngest spent the bulk of the day hanging out with her friend, and my husband was at work, so I asked my son if he wanted to go do something. Now, my son has finally reached the age where he doesn't want to hang out with his family, and his little sister gets on his nerves frequently. With everyone else gone, he was actually more than willing to have mom to himself for the afternoon, and mom was ready for some one-on-one time with one of her favorite guys. 

Since it was a gorgeous day, we headed downtown to walk around, get some ice cream (the ice cream shop downtown always has a vegan option), and do some window shopping.

We parked close to Gene Leahy mall, and as such we had to cross it to get into the Old Market. Halfway across the bridge afforded me a good view of the Omaha skyline.

In the Old Market, the Passageway is an iconic place. 

Inside the Passageway is the Passageway Gallery that includes the Garden of the Senses. We can view some art and beautiful garden scene for free.

The sculptures in the garden are zodiac symbols and celestial objects. This one is Cancer, my daughter's sign.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Ipsy!

Hello! Long time no see, right? Well, I told you I'd be back periodically, and I didn't lie. Anyway, my April Ipsy subscription came, so let's check it out!

Here are all the contents.

Here is the cute little bag it all came in.

First up, pur-lisse's treatment sheet masks for the face. One is blue lotus + white tea while the other one is blue lotus + seaweed. Now that I have all my evenings to spend how I wish, I'm really looking forward to giving myself more pedis, manis, and, of course, facials. I'll post about these soonish.

This is a beautiful tapered blush brush made by Crown brushes. I'm pretty excited about this one actually, because although I already have two blush brushes, I'm not crazy about either one of them. This one, though, looks awesome and I'll be using tomorrow morning before work!

This is a single eyeshadow, in color Marrakesh-Desert Sands, made by Nomad. It's a gold color, and since I've been wearing a lot of browns/beiges/golds lately, it's going to work perfectly into my palette.

The glare on this one is bad (sorry) but it's a Tarte lip color called Wonder. It's a salmon-colored red. Not my usual color, but I'll give it a go!

I just now noticed that I left out the Skinn eye enhancing eyeliner! You can see it in the first picture. It's not your typical eyeliner, but rather a brightening pencil that is good for perking up tired-looking eyes. This will definitely come in handy on those early mornings!

Ok, so that's the Ipsy for this month. I hope you enjoyed seeing what came in my personalized bag. If you so desire, you can see the full array of what came in people's April Ispy bag here.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mini Shopping Trip

The other day, I went through my makeup and got rid of items that were no longer any good or that I no longer use. Of course, this left space for me to acquire more makeup, which is what I happened across yesterday.

Now, e.l.f. is known for decent quality, inexpensive makeup products. Their brushes are pretty decent as well. I found this cute little set of eyeshadow duos with a good brush for $5! Yep, $5!

I saw these sparkling eyeliners (each comes with it's own sharpener, which I think is very cool) and asked myself, "Would I use these eyeliners very much?" And my answer was, "I don't know, but I'm willing to find out!" Also a steal at $5.

I'm super picky about purses. I rarely find purses that I 'just fall in love with', but yesterday was different. This purse is beautiful! It's actually all dark blue but my camera flash makes it look lighter than it is.  

So, that's my mini haul from yesterday. Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Monday Edition #4

Good morning! So, it's time for me to share this week's Monday Edition. To keep those up-to-speed who don't regularly read my posts, ever since the weather has begun to turn warmer, I've been getting out on my Mondays (my day off) and enjoying my favorite thing: being outside.

This week, in an attempt to go somewhere different every Monday until I run out of feasible places to go to, I went out to Cunningham Lake. It's a man-made lake with some forested areas. I've recently begun coming out here a bit more often, and have discovered that there are quite a bit of trails in around the lake to hike. The land is pretty flat, so it's not a tough hike by any means, but you can definitely hike at a faster pace and still get a good workout. 

As is my usual practice, I take pictures on my journey. Here are my favorites.

The trees are beginning to really bud again with some green and leaves, but there are still plenty that look like the skeletons of last year. As I was hiking through the forested parts of Cunningham Lake, I ran across this view, which was striking.

Okay, so this wasn't taken at Cunningham Lake, but rather in my front yard. I took it from my car on my way out as I was heading to Cunningham Lake. It was such a pretty picture that I had to include it.

I took one of the side paths of the wooded trails that lead to the lake, and I took this shot. You can see the buoys in the background, and the waves were making beautiful, serene patterns on the water.

Cunningham Lake is actually an interesting place to walk/hike as there are many different things that you can see. They have a small marina and a mini-lighthouse. Here is a shot of them as I was making my way towards them.

So, that was this week's Monday Edition. I'll be back next week with another new Monday adventure. Have a fantastic day!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Free Book this Weekend

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