Mini Shopping Trip

The other day, I went through my makeup and got rid of items that were no longer any good or that I no longer use. Of course, this left space for me to acquire more makeup, which is what I happened across yesterday.

Now, e.l.f. is known for decent quality, inexpensive makeup products. Their brushes are pretty decent as well. I found this cute little set of eyeshadow duos with a good brush for $5! Yep, $5!

I saw these sparkling eyeliners (each comes with it's own sharpener, which I think is very cool) and asked myself, "Would I use these eyeliners very much?" And my answer was, "I don't know, but I'm willing to find out!" Also a steal at $5.

I'm super picky about purses. I rarely find purses that I 'just fall in love with', but yesterday was different. This purse is beautiful! It's actually all dark blue but my camera flash makes it look lighter than it is.  

So, that's my mini haul from yesterday. Have a great day!



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