Monday Edition #4

Good morning! So, it's time for me to share this week's Monday Edition. To keep those up-to-speed who don't regularly read my posts, ever since the weather has begun to turn warmer, I've been getting out on my Mondays (my day off) and enjoying my favorite thing: being outside.

This week, in an attempt to go somewhere different every Monday until I run out of feasible places to go to, I went out to Cunningham Lake. It's a man-made lake with some forested areas. I've recently begun coming out here a bit more often, and have discovered that there are quite a bit of trails in around the lake to hike. The land is pretty flat, so it's not a tough hike by any means, but you can definitely hike at a faster pace and still get a good workout. 

As is my usual practice, I take pictures on my journey. Here are my favorites.

The trees are beginning to really bud again with some green and leaves, but there are still plenty that look like the skeletons of last year. As I was hiking through the forested parts of Cunningham Lake, I ran across this view, which was striking.

Okay, so this wasn't taken at Cunningham Lake, but rather in my front yard. I took it from my car on my way out as I was heading to Cunningham Lake. It was such a pretty picture that I had to include it.

I took one of the side paths of the wooded trails that lead to the lake, and I took this shot. You can see the buoys in the background, and the waves were making beautiful, serene patterns on the water.

Cunningham Lake is actually an interesting place to walk/hike as there are many different things that you can see. They have a small marina and a mini-lighthouse. Here is a shot of them as I was making my way towards them.

So, that was this week's Monday Edition. I'll be back next week with another new Monday adventure. Have a fantastic day!



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