A Stroll on a Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, pleasant Saturday. My youngest spent the bulk of the day hanging out with her friend, and my husband was at work, so I asked my son if he wanted to go do something. Now, my son has finally reached the age where he doesn't want to hang out with his family, and his little sister gets on his nerves frequently. With everyone else gone, he was actually more than willing to have mom to himself for the afternoon, and mom was ready for some one-on-one time with one of her favorite guys. 

Since it was a gorgeous day, we headed downtown to walk around, get some ice cream (the ice cream shop downtown always has a vegan option), and do some window shopping.

We parked close to Gene Leahy mall, and as such we had to cross it to get into the Old Market. Halfway across the bridge afforded me a good view of the Omaha skyline.

In the Old Market, the Passageway is an iconic place. 

Inside the Passageway is the Passageway Gallery that includes the Garden of the Senses. We can view some art and beautiful garden scene for free.

The sculptures in the garden are zodiac symbols and celestial objects. This one is Cancer, my daughter's sign.


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