Random Pictures from the Last Few Weeks

I made some tostadas recently. It's like an open-faced taco, and it's fabulous. For this one I slathered some black refried beans on the tostada shells, then added fried, seasoned potatoes; southwestern corn; spinach; sweet Italian peppers; plain coconut yogurt; and plenty of hot sauce. Yum!

Before the weather turned cold, Nature Girl and I spent a lovely afternoon at Schramm State Park. I took this picture of my reflection as we crossed over the suspension bridge during our hike.

Whenever we complete a hike at Schramm, we walk through the fish hatchery ponds, which always affords a lovely view, no matter what time of year.

This is a geological rock formation at Schramm State Park. There really is plenty to do here, and this is one of those things. You can climb amongst the strata and imagine you're in the mountains.

My husband has a fondness for old-timey, cheap beer, and Hamm's would be one of those beers. I will occasionally drink one, and I'm always reminded of the old commercials where they sang about the "sky-blue waters".

The trees are now firmly devoid of any leaves, but I snapped this picture of one of the last trees that was still graced with a few.

This is a close-up of a lava lamp. I thought it looked cool all lit up.

Last, but not least, is our Christmas tree, complete with gifts. NG made plenty of homemade presents, as well as all the bows for the presents we wrapped for the kids.

I hope your Friday is great! The weekend is here, and tomorrow is going to be viciously cold. I plan on spending the coldness by staying indoors and keeping the house warm by indulging in a rare event: baking. 

Until next time,



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