Ipsy's December Glam Bag

Good morning. I hope you had a good holiday with friends and family! I know we sure did. It was nice and relaxing, and I get more of the same this week as I don't go back to work until the 3rd. For those of you who are back to work today, have a great day.

 Now, on to the important stuff. *wink wink* It's sub time again with this month's Ipsy! Let's get started. 

Can I just say that this month's bag is so cute! This shaggy, pink bag with a wrist strap is fantastic. I'd have to say it's one of my favorite bags, and it's pictured here with the card.

The contents of the bag. I've actually used all of them already!

First up is Ouai Haircare's Wave Spray. It's got a nice scent, and while it doesn't deliver body, it does deliver some gentle waves. Spray a light mist on damp hair, scrunch, and go.

Cake's Heavy Cream. This is a self-proclaimed "intensive hand repair balm". I have used it a couple of times so I cannot attest to this claim (although it is really rich and a little goes a long ways), but it actually smells like heavy cream with a touch of birthday cake. Heavenly.

Tarte's Maracuja oil. This is a face oil for use at night. You use a few drops right before bed for overnight moisturizing for those with seriously dry skin. Along with the lotion, this is perfect for dry winters. I take showers in the morning, and with my combination skin, I get really dry patches afterwards. I, then, use a few drops of this oil on my cheeks and neck and let it soak in before using primer and it helps a bunch!

Ciate of London's Liquid Velvet gloss in the color "Pin Up". Not my first makeup item by them--but my first lip color by them--this is a rich, creamy, and dreamy color. I adore various shades of pink and purple best, so this goes along well with my makeup in general. It's a deep pop of color, so works best for night looks.

Last, but not least in any way, is an eyeshadow by Nyx in the color "Punk Heart". As I mentioned about the liquid lip color above, pink and purple shades are my absolute favorite. This purple is amazingly fantastic. It looks fabulous and goes on perfectly with no fallout. I used it every day last week!  It's definitely a color I will purchase when this one runs out.

And there you have it, another month of the wonderful world of Ipsy. I really enjoyed this month's sub, moreso than the others I've gotten. As always, if you'd like to get in on it yourself, head over to their website


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