Coffee Talk: Afternoon Edition

Image courtesy of swingjuice

Good afternoon! Here I am posting coffee talk in the afternoon. I know, unusual for me, but I have a good excuse. Yesterday was my birthday, and I stayed up late watching a movie, eating pizza, and drinking beer with my husband and one of my closet friends. I had a lot of fun, but I definitely did not rush out of bed this morning. Besides, my kids are out of school now for the Winter break and it's my husband's regular day off, so that meant I didn't have to get anybody up or drive them anywhere. So, I stayed in bed until I had to take a shower.

Anyway, tomorrow morning will see a regular Saturday post with a peek at one of my monthly subs. Hmm, I wonder which one? You'll have to stop by in the morning and check. I'm quite excited for this day to end, and not just because it's Friday. My job closes down over the holidays, so after I get off work today, I don't have to come back to work until Tuesday, January 3rd. Yep, that means ten whole days off! That's ten days of writing, sleeping in, seeing friends, spending time with my kids, and even getting away for a weekend with my husband. I might even get The Box finished....maybe. 

Tonight, my husband and I are going out for my birthday and I'm excited for that as well. We're going to eat dinner at the same Meadery that makes the mead served at my beloved Nebraska Ren Faire. I hope your Friday looks fun, and your weekend even better. I'll see you tomorrow morning!


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