Poetry for a Wintry Day

Good morning. We finally decorated for Christmas last night. We still have some things to find in the attic to put up around the house, but we got the tree up and that's the most important part. While the kids were putting decorations on the tree, my husband and I went ahead and wrapped presents. Yes, I shopped right before Thanksgiving, so I'm already (mostly) done! 

A few years back, I started doing my shopping on Amazon and, let me tell you, that was one of my smartest ideas ever. The reason for this is because I really hate shopping. I'm just not the kind of person that spends any significant time wandering around stores. Even grocery shopping makes my agent orange act up! Shopping on Amazon means I can order online and it gets delivered to my home. Easy peasy.

The temperature here has definitely taken a downturn this week, and yesterday I finally had to bundle up in my big winter coat when I left for work. Between the decor and temperature, it really feels like Winter. So, in honor of Winter (which always gets a bad rap but really isn't so bad), I'm posting some poetry that I've written. Enjoy!

Cemetery Gate

I halt here at the cemetery gate,
standing and watching I wait.
The wind blows bitter cold around,
making a twisted and awful sound.
Is that a shape, a form I see?
If it is, will it come to me?
I put one foot in front of the other,
My lips are cold, they flutter.
The sun has left the sky,
the moon twinkles in my eye.
I enter the forgotten place.


She Waits

She watches and she waits,
while he plays a dangerous game.
She waits for her time to come,
while his already came.
He doesn't think she knows,
he believes she's in the dark.
He's a fool because she always knows,
as she watches silently from afar.
So, she watches and she waits,
while he plays a dangerous game.
Waiting for her time to come.


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