Warren Comics and The Creeps

Good morning! I hope you had a good weekend. It snowed here and the temperature is definitely dropping. Today, let's talk about something offbeat! If it isn't obvious from my love of writing scary fiction, I love scary fiction. I not only love to write it, but I love to read it.

My dad was a big fan of Warren Comics, Creepy and Eerie to be exact, when he was growing up. He was such a fan, in fact, that he saved almost all of his personal copies. So, when I developed my own love of the macabre after reading Stephen King's Pet Semetary, he gave me his stack of Creepy and Eerie magazines, and I quickly became a fan myself.

I remember one day--sometime back in the 1980s--when my dad and I decided to see if we could still purchase new Creepy & Eerie magazines, so we headed to the closet bookstore. We did find a Creepy magazine but it was too high-priced for my dad's taste, and after that, we never saw any more.

As I got older, I would occasionally spot a special yearly edition vintage copy on ebay, but could never find the time nor the money to outbid the people who purchased them. However, I did manage to get a couple of the standard vintage ones (not the special yearly ones that would come out).

Not too long ago, it came to my attention that there is a company putting out new horror comics in the style of Warren Publishing, and it's called The Creeps. Just look at how awesome this cover is!

It looks just like the ones of yesteryear, and I think I'm going to have to purchase a few of these. I might even get one for my dad. 


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