Update on The Box

Good morning! I figured it was time to give you all a proper update on my latest book, The Box. So, without further ado....it's FINISHED! Yes, you read that right. I have finally finished The Box! For those of you who've been here with me the whole time, you know what a feat this one has been compared to my other work. I left it halfway through for a few reasons, and started Lola and the Machine. After working on that one for a few chapters, I realized that I had burnout. I had been working SO tirelessly and SO endlessly on writing -- without any real breaks -- that I had lost my drive to write. 

Fortunately, it was only temporary, but it still took away months of writing time. Instead of beating myself up about it, however, I decided to accept it and be okay with it. I persevered anyway, and now I have finished what I can say, at this moment in time, is probably my best book to date.

I know, I know. I've said that about each of my last few books as well, but it's true. With each book I've gotten better at all aspects of being a writer, including the stories I write themselves. Now, I still have to edit the book and prepare it for my publisher, Pronoun, to publish it. I have Cold republished through them and I'm pleased so far. After I publish The Box, I will get my other two H.A. Larson books published with them as well.

That's all for me today, but I'd say that's a pretty big thing! I'm so excited to finally have my book complete, and I look forward to presenting to you the final product. I will keep you updated, as well make my usual book trailer, so keep your eye on this website!




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