Hey everyone! I had a busy morning, so today's post got pushed off until this afternoon. I wrote a bit of poetry in honor of all the beautiful rain we've received lately in my neck of the woods. Enjoy!

The Rain

I watch the rain make patterns on the window,
as it falls down from the sky.
Rainy days are somber and dreary for some,
but as for me, not I.
I find the sound of the rain soothing,
comforting, and cold.
For I detest the heat,
and admire quiet repose.

I am anonymous, hidden, and sly,
as I align myself with the rain from the sky.
We are one, the droplets and I,
within my domain I remain and I hide.

I contemplate philosophy and the universe,
thinking about my life.
What causes me pain I must bury,
banishing to recesses inside.
The rain starts to subside and I frown,
I am not ready for it to end.
The sun will return and the clouds will run away,
the sound of the rain will be spent.

Goodbye old friend,
until next time.


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