Trailer for The Box

Good morning! I've got my coffee and I'm ready for another new week. Things will be quiet at work this week, so it will be nice to have a bit of downtime. 

Like I mentioned earlier this week, The Box is complete...minus editing, of course. I've already started the editing process, which I'm going to devote a bit more time to for this book, and when that is done, I will publish it through Pronoun. I have to say that so far, I am pleased with them. I've already sold a few copies of Cold since I've republished there, which is more than happened during the last year through exclusive Amazon. 

The contract for The Station finally ran out as well, so I got that cleaned up (although admittedly no more editing) and am waiting for final release information through my publisher. I had hoped to go in and clean it up a bit more, but I'm already strapped for time more often than not, that I was just happy to have the book split up into more perfect chapters and a nice TOC.

Anyway, like I have with my last two books, I made a trailer for The Box. I can tell I'm getting more seasoned at The Write Life because making this trailer didn't cause me the stress and use of long strings of profanity, haha! Anyway, I'm posting it here for you to check out, so let me know what you think of it below in the comments.

I can't wait to release this book for you to read!  



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