Coffee Talk: Missing Post, Weekend Fun, and Book Update

Good morning and Happy Monday. I've got a fresh cup of coffee from a just-brewed pot, so let's get started.

First off, I want to apologize for not putting up my normal Saturday post. The truth is, I was in a funk last week and, at the same time, was preparing for an event on Saturday, that I never got a proper post ready. I had every intention, earlier in the week, of getting my glam bag all photographed, but alas I did not. I figured I can get a pass for it, I mean, we all miss things here and there...amirite?


Speaking of Saturday, it was the day I'd been looking forward to since February. What was so special about Saturday? It was the First (hopefully annual) Ren Faire After Dark. This event was held in Des Moines, Iowa, and was 21+ only, so we made the 2.5 hour journey North. This, of course, meant no kids and no one who wasn't legally old enough to drink. Despite the monsoon that waged all the day & night before, and morning of, it was a lot of fun. Debauchery goes without saying, and it definitely would have received an R rating most of the time, and an X rating a few others. Photography was strictly prohibited and enforced, for privacy reasons that I completely understand, so, alas, I have no pictures to share.

My husband and I dressed up for the event, as did most people, and we let loose and enjoyed ourselves. It was really nice being able to see "inappropriate" things and do adult things without having to worry about any children running about. It like a normal Renaissance Faire in many respects with vendors, food & drink booths, and entertainment, but it was all geared for adults. Some of the entertainers I had seen before at different Ren Faires (I've been to a variety of Ren Faires in different states), but they got to do their unfiltered versions of their shows/acts. It was great fun. We made it home yesterday afternoon, exhausted and in dire need of a shower.


Last, but not least in any way, is that I'm very nearly finished with editing The Box. I should have it done and ready by the end of the week. I've taken more care, time, and effort editing this book than any of my previous efforts. I've read the reviews for my other books, and, because of this, I know that I need to do a better job of editing. 

It's been easier in some respects. This is the first book where I didn't make significant changes in sections of the book, which is nice. It means my final product was better I believe. It's been harder in some respects as well. I've been very careful going over my words, and making sure to go back through what I've changed a few times to make sure it all looks good.

What this all means, is that I'm hoping to put out, not just my best story yet, but a better quality story at the same time. I'll keep you posted on that here this week.


I hope your week is off to a good start, and that your entire week will be a good one. We have a three-day weekend coming up (well, not all, but many of us) here in the States with Memorial Day being a week from today. It will be nice, as it always is, to get an extra paid day off without using vacation time. Talk to you all soon!


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