Coffee Talk: Update on The Write Life

Good morning! Do you have your cup of coffee? I sure do, and we know what that means....yep, it's time for Coffee Talk. Today, I have updates on The Write Life, so let's get going!

First up, I've completed writing on The Box, which most of you are already aware. I'm in the editing process now, and after I'm done, I have someone who's offered to copy-edit it for me as well. This is exciting for me, because I should be able to put out my cleanest copy of a book yet! I see the progress and changes that have occurred over my writing life, and it's exciting. More than that, it fills me, not only with accomplishment, but with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation. I feel more in tune now with being an author than I ever have, and it's a great feeling.


Ahead of my latest release, and as is my usual course of self-promotion, I've also created a book trailer for The Box. I've done this with all of my books -- with the exception of the first one, Cold -- and you can find it (along with all my others) on Youtube. Now, while I posted this trailer here on Monday, here's the actual link to my Youtube channel. There, you can see my trailer for The Box, as well as my other trailers, and an old video I put together a few years ago about me. I really should update that by making another, so maybe that's something I'll get to one of these days soon.


Last, but not least, I've now republished all of my older books -- Cold, The Melody, and The Station -- through Pronoun. I'm really excited to be working with them. Not only was I able to put out cleaner, better-looking, more professional copies of my books, but I'm now able to sell them through different retailers. You can find them now through my author page there, or by looking in the "My Body of Work" section here on my website. You can find them now through Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. I've updated this website to reflect this major change, and now it will be easy for everyone to find the new sale information for my books.

If you want to find out more information about Pronoun (especially if you're an Indie author or thinking about becoming one), here's a link to their website. Don't get me wrong, Amazon is still the go-to place for Indie authors, but if you really want more control over your work and put out a better quality product, I would recommend Pronoun. Amazon has made so many changes that do not benefit self-published authors, and, in fact, can be a detriment, that unless you're in a hurry to just put out something, Amazon is not a good place to enter into an exclusive contract with. If you're really serious about being a writer, find a better platform for putting your books out and make sure you publish your book in more than one place.


Well, that's my news to share today. I'm excited and invigorated today, thinking about how far I've come on this journey since I've started. I'm proud of what I've accomplished, and I look forward to the future of The Write Life.

Have a great day friends and fans!


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