Spring has finally arrived!

Good morning, and Happy Saturday. What a lovely day it is! The sky is bright blue, the green has returned to the ground & trees, there's a gentle breeze blowing, and the temperature is perfect. All this, of course, indicates that Spring is finally here. 

Living here in the Midwest, we've had a few scattered weekends that sure felt like Spring was on the horizon, but then the weather would turn chilly, rainy, or even snowy, and that would end our hopes for Spring. This past week though, the shift definitely happened, and now a few months of pretty foliage and great weather are upon us.

Today, then, I'm getting out and about. First, with a friend to do some garage sale shopping, and then later, a nice hike in the woods with my little family. I hope your weekend is shaping up nicely as well, and that you get a chance to enjoy some lovely weather.

Have a great one!



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