The Abandoned House

Recently, Nature Girl and I were out at one of our usual spots to take a leisurely hike. There's an abandoned house on the property that I've never tried taking a look at due to the "Private Property" sign posted there. My curiosity got the better of me though, so we walked around the old house just looking. I noticed that the back screen door was propped closed, so I pulled the prop down and tried to door, just to see if it was open or not...and it was. Now, I don't advocate for trespassing on private land, but NG and I had no plans for doing anything other than taking a quick look and leaving.

The picture above is what would amount to a sunroom or, from the number of windows in the room, possibly a greenhouse-type area. As you can see, there's plenty of water damage.

It's a very small dwelling, and I think it might have been a guest house at one point. You walk in the door and enter this room, which is the kitchen. The flooring has been stripped, the cabinets are in disarray, and the house place is damaged and dirty.

Straight across from the back door is a stairway to the upstairs which is this one large room. I imagine it was the bedroom, as the only other rooms are downstairs and consist of the sunroom/greenhouse, the kitchen/living area, and a bathroom.

There's a small area under the stairs that was probably used as storage. Here's a picture I took without flash.

Both pictures I took with flash looked like this. My ID and debit card are in a pocket on the backside of my smartphone, and they poked up enough to mess up the photos. I didn't want to dwell long so I didn't bother to see if the photos took until after we were gone.

Random saw blade hanging as a decoration.

When you walk in the door, there a half wall on the left with a window that looks into the sunroom/greenhouse.

The bathroom.

This is a look up at the large upstairs windows, as seen from the outside and my finger.

I was really tempted to run my voice recorder and do a quick EVP session, but, again, I didn't want to linger that long. Also, I took all these photos with my Samsung phone and I didn't edit them except to sharpen the quality as many of them were slightly blurry. It was interesting to get inside an abandoned house and check it out. It's also kind of sad. You can tell this was a beautiful little home once upon a time, and it's sad to see it so dilapidated now. I know that it was in use still in 2013. What a difference four years can make. I will be back little-abandoned house, but next time I'll bring my paranormal equipment and see if I can find anything.


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