I Am Restless

This week has been unbearably hot in Nebraska with not a single day under 96 degrees F. The worst days were yesterday and today (with tomorrow predicted as well) with temps over 100 degrees F -- for my non-American readers, that equates to 36-38 degrees Celsius. There's nothing like the extreme cold of winter nor the extreme heat of summer (both of which we get to experience here) to leave one banished to the indoors. I know not everyone feels this way, but I am one who does.

Whenever it's unbearably cold or hot, I hide within the climate-controlled confines of my home. This always leads to some cabin fever, and whenever cabin fever strikes -- and I wish I were out adventuring somewhere instead of being stuck indoors -- my wanderlust kicks in.

I've been restless for the last few years, something I've talked about here often. You all know that I have a dream to not only travel around the world, but to live around the world as well. And it is times like this when I have ample time to think about my dreams. I'm ready, more than ready actually, to start my adventure, but it's not my time yet. I sure wish it were though. Until then, I will continue to dream, and occasionally sigh wantonly. 

Have a great weekend my dear readers, and I'll be back tomorrow with another Ipsy post!


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shmarold said…
I know the feeling. Even though I'm perfectly aware that it uses up mileage and gas, and makes the car require frequent maintenance, I feel like I'll die if I don't take the car out for loooooong excursions every day.

I don't go anywhere special. I just drive and come back an hour or two later. At this rate, I'll go through 100,000 miles a year but I just don't care. My disability makes it hard to walk, and I've GOTTA get out.

You might think I'm wasting time or the car's lifespan. It's not a waste. I'm getting something out of it. It relieves cabin fever, I'm making use of the car (what am I paying insurance for?), and it helps me think.

Well, have a great day!
H.A. Larson said…
Thank you! You, too, and I'm glad you loved the post! :)

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