Autumn is Coming

Okay, I might be jumping the gun a bit, but, hey, I'm excited! The other day at work, my supervisor handed us all our new calendars for August -- we have office calendars we print off that shows the important dates and coworker vacations -- and I had to pause for a moment. I work at a college, and in less than a month the Fall semester will begin, and in less than two months, it will officially be Autumn.

To my faithful, long-time readers, you already know of my deep abiding love and affection for my favorite season. To those of you new to my blog, let me tell you that there is nothing more amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and magical than Autumn. This is especially true here in the Midwest where we are fortunate enough to experience the look and feel of the season. Autumn means cooler weather, beautiful & warm foliage, bonfires, spiked apple cider, hayrides, pumpkin patches, bountiful harvests, and Halloween.

When I say there's something magical about Autumn, I mean it. I can picture myself, right now, walking among the gold, bronze, and ruby-leafed trees of the forest. I'm wearing a light jacket or a long-sleeved shirt while a gentle, ever-so-slightly cool breeze surrounds me and christens me with clean, crisp smells. Leaves crunch under my feet while the sun hangs low on the horizon, and I can hear nature all around me as it revels in the perfect temperatures.

I can't wait to go to pumpkin patches and drink mulled cider while Nature Girl runs and plays. Of course, who could forget about Halloween? Only the best holiday in the Universe....well, at least according to me.

I know we have a little ways to go, but we're getting closer my friends, and I. Cannot. Wait.

Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy our not-quite-Autumn-yet weekend. 



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