Coffee Talk: Financial Fitness, Iron Maiden, and Other Stuff

Good morning and Happy Friday! Have you got your cup of coffee? I got my fresh, hot cup right here, so let's get started.


First up, financial fitness. Recently, I talked about how finding commonsense financial advice for regular folks is lacking. All the advice I find is geared towards people who have disposable income and are in a higher income bracket. There's virtually nothing out there for regular folks who need some guidance and basic financial strategies. I've decided then to start dispensing my own advice for us regular folks...those of us without disposable income (or very little of it anyway) who just need the basics on how to spend less, save more, and learn some good, useful tips for everyday life. Look for that next week!


Another thing I've talked about before is my love of heavy metal music. I acquired it when I was 14 years old through an introduction to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I've never been able to see either band play live unfortunately...until now! Tuesday night, my husband and I drove to Kansas City -- where we met up with my friend Audrey -- and went to see Iron Maiden's Book of Souls tour. It was awesome! Time hasn't slowed these guys down one bit! I swear though, taking photos at concerts is much more difficult than you would think. I will have to clean up a few and post it, we shall see. At any rate, the band was amazing live and it was probably one of my top 5 concerts of all time, although I might be a bit biased.


I haven't worked on my latest book in a week, and I'm fine with that. I hadn't planned on starting it so soon, but I had some momentary energy related to the development of the characters and story that I went ahead and got going. I'm taking my time to develop my characters well and figure out their place in their world. I want this to be a killer book, and am not pushing myself too hard with it. I'm also busy with other responsibilities in my life that it's best that I don't get too heavily involved with it at the moment. All in good time!

I've talked a lot in the past about my road to being healthier, but I have to admit that I probably gained back ten pounds...okay, okay, I admit it outright! It's so difficult in my desk job to stay on track as it's easy to munch at my desk and my coworkers are constantly bringing in junk food. The best way, still to this day, is to watch your calories and get regular exercise. A week ago, I started minding my calories -- not rigidly, but just enough to get myself on board with the idea mentally -- and it was helpful. This week, I downloaded the myfitnesspal app on my phone, an app I've used in the past. I prefer this app over the one already in my phone because I can access it through a laptop as well, making it easier to enter in your own recipes instead of trying to figure out all the ingredients and amounts in a single serving of some dish I made. I gave myself a bit of a cheat day yesterday, but still stayed below my normal calories, and so today I go in full force. I'm determined, especially now that I'm older, to get myself into good shape for my later years.


I'm done with my coffee and it's time to get ready to go to work. I'm excited for the weekend as I have an old, dear friend coming to visit tonight. She has a conference across the river and I offered to let her spend the night here. It will be nice to catch up. This weekend I have a bunch of work to complete, but I'm hoping to get out and about a bit, especially tonight. I'll keep you posted!

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