Staying Neutral in a Sea of Negativity

Like most every other Indie author alive today, I utilize social media. Nowhere is any one of us more present, typically, than on Facebook. Social media is a great way for us Indie authors to introduce the world to who we are and promote our work, and it can work quite well for this purpose.

Ever since I began my writing career, I've always made sure to do one very important thing: keep my real self and my author self separate. There are two good reasons for this:

1. I'm marketing my books.

2. I'm building my brand.

If you don't keep your author self and your real self separate, then problems happen. I see this in action all the time, particularly on facebook. I see authors who are constantly talking about politics, social issues, and religion (to name a few) and taking deeply rooted sides. Quite often, argruments erupt and things get contentious. It's not a pretty sight.

It's not that I discourage anyone from standing up for what they believe in, but if your author self constantly spouts off personal diatribes, you're going to turn off and chase away potential readers. I have a private account where I do and say what I please, and then I have my author account where I keep things neutral. I recommend this for authors and anyone else trying to sell themselves or their products. Keep your posts even-keeled, or people will associate your brand (and ultimately, your books or whatever product you're selling) with political, religious, or social ideas. 

I know how hard it is to not be vocal and aware of the world around us during these times, but you're only hurting your end goals. Make a separate account if you have to, but learn to stay neutral in this sea of negativity.

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