Ipsy's June Glam Bag

Good morning! I've got my coffee, and since it's weekend coffee it's even better. What's weekend coffee? Well, in my house, we drink inexpensive coffee during the week, but when the weekend comes I break out my spendy, fancy coffee in the bag and brew that. Either that or I brew a nice pot of quality tea in my coffee press. Today, it's a fancy French roast coffee. Anyway, it's time for that Ipsy post!

Here the bag with card. This month's theme is "Volume Up". The idea behind it is to express yourselves loud and proud.

Here are the contents.

First up is Beauty for Real's 24-7 Eyeliner in a gold color. I was sure it would be another black when I opened it, so I thought this was pretty cool. In last year's April Glam Bag, I received a nude eyeliner called an eye highlighter, and I've been using that in my waterline during the weekdays. It's kinda awesome actually.

Next up is Skyn Iceland's Glacial Face Wash with white Willow bark. I love face washes so when my current one runs out, I'll give this one a go!

I admit it, I love it when I get cosmetics in my glam bags from the major makeup companies. This one is from Nyx and is called Whipped Fouette. It's a lip color and it's called Pink Cloud.

This is a mascara from Doucce called Maxlash Volumizer. I have so many cute little mascaras from my glam bags, and I love them.

I've gotten a handful of cosmetics from The Balm, but this is the first blush I've gotten from them. This one is called Balm Springs, and as you can see from the swatch, that it's a nice light pink color. I like subtle blushes so I'm sure I'll be using this soon.

And there you have it, my most recent Ipsy Glam Bag! I hope your weekend is great and that you have fun stuff planned. I'll have another Ireland post on Monday, so stay tuned!

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