Coffee Talk: The Box, Summer Heat, and Wanderlust

Good morning! I have a freshly brewed cup of coffee sitting here right next to me, and I'm ready to get this Monday started with an edition of Coffee Talk.

The Box has been doing well. I received another review for it, and it was much better than the first. *laugh* The bad first review though, hasn't hurt my book sales thus far, and that's the part that I'm grateful for. I'm also really pleased with the fantastic difference between publishing through Amazon exclusively and publishing through Pronoun. The difference is striking, and I'm glad I made the leap. 

Pronoun recently announced the addition of OverDrive and Bibliotheca to their distributors. The only difference with these two are that they are library distributors, which means authors can have their books bought by libraries to include in their catalog. It's just another way that Pronoun is active on behalf of their authors, something that I found lacking in Amazon.


The Summer heat has hit the Midwest over the last few weeks, and, man, is it hot already! It's been 90+ degrees F here for the better part of two weeks, and it's giving me the blues. The last couple of weekends, I've largely stayed indoors getting household and business stuff done in order to avoid the heat. While I'm glad to have accomplished many things that needed to get done outside of being outside, I'm starting to feel some cabin fever.

Every summer I go through a period where I have to acclimate myself to the heat -- much like I do in the winter. This includes forcing myself to get outside and do something, largely in the shade. I then repeat this process a few more times until I've adjusted to being outside in the blazing temps. This week, I've decided that I'm going to at least take a walk in the neighborhood in the evenings, and this should help me acclimitize.


This past week, Wanderlust struck. It's no secret (for those of you who've been following my blog) that I desire to travel and see the world. It's also no secret (it's in the blog subtitles) that I want to live in another country someday. I have a plan to accomplish this, but I have to be patient. It will be several years before I'm ready and able to move away. For the most part, then, I keep my thoughts of adventuring in the farthest recesses of my mind so I don't sit around and dwell on them. This last week though, it's been on my mind a lot and I've spent a good chunk of time reading expat blogs. I want to be an expat damnit!

It's hard when you're ready, mentally, to take a leap of this magnitude, but are relegated to waiting. Waiting?! Waiting sucks! Yes, indeed, waiting is hard -- and not just for kids. We all want what we want when we want it. As adults though, we also understand that good things come to those who wait...and plan properly. It's that last part I must do, even if it's hard. I have to get two kids that I have to get graduated from high school and out on their own, I have obligations I must see through, I have money to save, and I have necessary planning to do.

So, I will wait, no matter how hard it is, because I have to, and that's okay.


I hope you enjoyed our little talk this morning and that your coffee was nice and strong. Until next time!

- H.A. 

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