A Sunset Stroll

As you will remember from my post the other day, I vowed to spend more time outside to acclimate myself to the warm weather. I love being outside in nature anyway, so this wasn't so much a big deal as it was a way of adjusting to the unavoidable heat. The other evening, then, I decided it would be nice to take an evening walk somewhere. The Teen was home as well (a rare occurrence these days as he has a job and a life), so the four of us drove up to Cunningham Lake to take a sunset stroll.

It was delicately gorgeous, and it reminded me of the simple yet complex beauty of nature. It also reminded me of a simple yet complex poem I read one time:

"Out over the ocean, and it’s waves it lay, 
A magnificent orange sphere, as it drops to the sea, 
With spears descending from within the fire, 
The magnificent beauty of the sunset each day, 

An immanent display, for the world to share, 
As it seeps below horizons, to end the day, 
Only to share light, so that others may see, 
The beauty of the sunset for all who care, 

Up above the clouds, that shadow the light, 
The rain, the snow, and the elements that blind, 
That magnificent glow, that Brightens our world, 
Another sunset awaits, just to share its light." 

- Sunset Poem by B.J. Ayers

There are few things more beautiful, in my opinion, than a lovely sunset over a lake. You can see the ripples on the water, made by a light breeze and the few people who were out on their boats.

The reflections of the docked boats are long, rippled, and lovely.

The sky was absolutely gorgeous as the Sun cast the last of its reddish light upon the horizon.

Nature Girl was thrilled to have her big brother along with us, and she stuck to him like glue the entire time. There's one big log accessible from the shore, and they spent a bit of time there.

The Teen plays in the water with a branch while Nature Girl looks on.

It was a lovely evening, and it was nice to spend time together, all four of us. Enjoy your day, we're halfway to the weekend.

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