The Adventures of Mom and Nature Girl #3

Fall is here! Yes, we all know this, and, yes, I've said it before, but it bears repeating. This is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Last week had brought cooler weather mixed with rain, and I had gotten a bit down thinking that I wouldn't be getting outside much. I was elated, then, when the weekend rolled around bringing beautiful weather with it. Nature Girl and I headed out yesterday afternoon, as is our newest tradition, to explore and be outside. I decided to head up towards Neale Woods because, not only is it my favorite outdoor spot in town, but it's a great place to see Fall's beauty.

NP Dodge and Hummel Parks are on the same road as Neale Woods, and since we were out exploring without any real agenda, I thought we'd stop at both. While I've spent time in Hummel and Neale Woods, I can't say that I've spent more than 10 minutes in NP Dodge Park. To that end, I've only been as far as the first parking lot. Well, we discovered what else the park has yesterday by driving through every last bit of it. It sits along the Missouri River and has boat docks and nice places to walk along the water. Who knew? Not me until yesterday, apparently. ;)

This is a shot of the Missouri River as seen from the Marina at NP Dodge Park. This is where boats can fuel up, and park patrons can get some snacks & drinks.

A view of the Missouri from one of the boat docks. It was a beautiful view.

After NP Dodge Park, we stopped by Hummel Park, but none of my pictures were too exciting. Isn't it funny how your camera doesn't always show what you see? However, Neale Woods did not disappoint. All of Fall's burgeoning beauty was on display.

A beautiful Fall leaf.

A view towards the old machine shed from the rickety old viewing deck.

A view from our perspective as we walked the Wagon Trail.

Seed-berries. Not sure what plant this is, I'm no plant expert by any means. Pretty though!

A view from Neale Trail overlooking the woods that cover Ponca Hills.

A bed of leaves along the trail.

More Fall foliage.

These leaves are halfway turned, and the color combination was striking.

So, that was a glimpse into yesterday's adventure. I hope you have a glorious and fruitful week!



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