A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween! This Saturday, we indulged in one of our yearly traditions: the pumpkin patch. It's one of my favorite Fall activities. There are a handful of pumpkin patches to pick from where I live, but my favorite is Vala's. They started in 1988, I believe, and, since then, have grown into quite the place. Going to Vala's means spending the better part of an afternoon there, which is all right by me. The place is huge, and there's so much to do! Some of the activities there are: bounce pads, a train, bunny town, a petting zoo-type area (camels, goats, llamas, and sheep), duck races, a corn maze, a haunted house, an obstacle course, and hay rack rides. Whatever you decide to do, you're surely going to have a great time. 

I picked some of my favorite pictures from our afternoon there, although they don't capture all the fun stuff there is to do there. I picked these more for aesthetic purposes. If you're interested, check them out on the web

 Right outside the main entrance.

Fall colors were completely on display, lending to the ambience. 

A shot of a covered bridge.

They have beautiful arrangements like this scattered throughout the place.

The barn just peeks out over the corn fields.

Inside the haunted house. It's a tame haunted house so that even the kiddos can go through it.

A skeleton in the haunted house.

Haunted house head.

Dracula's mausoleum.

This llama wanted food, and was completely miffed that many of us were offering mere head scratches. Tsk!

Mr. Camel was also looking for food.

A goat!

This goat had a pretty coat and some devilish horns.


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