The Adventures of Mom and Nature Girl #2

 Last Sunday, Nature Girl and I spent our afternoon at Platte River State Park (PRSP). Situated near Louisville, Nebraska, this state park straddles the edge of the Platte River. We spent a wonderful weekend at one of the cabins there back in February, but I hadn't gone there specifically to hike in a few years. Being tired of the usual places, I figured it was high time that we went. They have some interesting things to see along the trails, and I made sure we took some trails that we hadn't before in order to see something new.

Here's a view up one of the trees in the park. I love the viewpoint from the ground looking up towards the canopy with the sun just peeking through.

PRSP has a creek that runs through, and feeds back into the Platte River. About midway though the forest trail is a not-very-tall, but nonetheless pretty falls. We've been here when the falls are a powerhouse after the spring rains, but now that it's fall, it's just lightly falling. Come winter, before it freezes solid (we've seen that too), it will just trickle.

A stone's throw from the falls are some of the rock terraces that this area of the state is known for. I've shown you some before from my hikes at Schramm State Park, which is only a few miles across the Platte River from here. Nature Girl decided to dig a bit in the dirt underneath with a stick.

We variated from the normal trails we've taken in the past, and found ourselves along the end of the creek as it's making it's way into the Platte. You can just make out the Platte in the back where it's really bright. The sun was reflecting off the river and shining back to where we were.

At the point where the creek opens up into the Platte River, there's a train trestle up above. We climbed up the embankment and came out at this spot. What a gorgeous view, on a lovely day, overlooking the mighty Platte.

We took a snack and drink break on the river side of the train tracks. When I took a picture of me and Nature Girl, the sun's rays show just so, making a cool picture of us. What do you think? We got up from the spot when we heard a train off in the distance, and went over to the park side of the train tracks. We stood back a safe distance, and waited for the train to pass. We waved at the conductor, who waved back, and Nature Girl was very excited to see a train up close. 

We had a lovely day together, and we collected a few things for our scrap book. There will be many more Sundays like this while Fall is here. It's my favorite season to hike and be outdoors.

Have a great Saturday my friends.


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