October's LVJ Subscription

Good morning good people, and TGIF!

 Every month I get a shipment that contains my subscription to the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. In it I receive two of their standard flavors and one of the test flavors that they're working on. Here's what I got this month.

Like the other sub I get, Ipsy, this sub comes with a card, Their's doubles as a postcard and has an interesting picture from history. This month's picture, fitting for Halloween month, was from the movie "Freaks". I about fell out of my chair, because I had just watched this movie about a week prior! I even talked about it in my post Horror Films of Yesteryear! What are the chances that an obscure movie from the 1930s would pop up in my life--twice in the span of a week? Life is strange sometimes. 

So here are the two standard flavors that I received: Smoked Chipotle, and Smokey Carolina BBQ. This is the first time I've received the Smokey Carolina BBQ one, as they recently made it a standard flavor. It was, by far, my favorite test flavor, so you can imagine my excitement that it's now one of their standard jerkys! As you can see, the package didn't make it, as it was consumed right away. I regret nothing.

This month's test flavor is Chorizo! I'm actually pretty pumped for this one as well. Instead of nibbling on it, I intend to cook with it. I'm going to add it to my breakfast scramble this weekend, and I'm anxiously hoping it turns out well. I'll keep you updated on it.

I'm so glad the weekend is here, because I have some fun plans which you will no doubt get a post about. I hope your weekend is shaping up to be fun as well! 

As always,



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