Progress Report

Good afternoon, and Happy Sunday! For most of you, Sunday is the last day of the weekend before Monday arrives, bringing the new week with it. For me, it's a day back to work after a two-day off stretch that is followed by another day off. There are advantages to working 4-10 hour shifts! 

Anyway, I worked overtime on Friday, so yesterday was my only real day off and I tried to be as unproductive as possible. I find myself keeping busy every day (it's the life of an Indie author) and sometimes I just need to say, "Okay, today's a real, complete day off." It was needed, even if I kinda feel guilty for not accomplishing anything. lol

"The Station" is still doing fairly well on Amazon. It's gotten three reviews already, and it's pretty encouraging:

"...when the scary stuff got going, it did not let up! H.A. Larson really knows how to spin a skillful, suspenseful tail! The story was deliciously spooky, and how all the characters’ encounters with ghostly entities finally came together was well done! I had my suspicions early on about who the, shall I say, bad guys could be, but I hoped I was wrong. Alas, I wasn’t.

Overall, though, I thought the story was well done! It was a great paranormal thriller, and the author does a great job presenting the material in such a way as to send a wonderful thrill up the readers’ spines!"

It's exciting for me, as an author, to see my work slowly but surely getting recognition for being good pieces of fiction. I know how much I've grown, learned, and improved from "Cold" to "The Melody" to, now, "The Station". 

As I mentioned briefly before, I've already begun working on my fourth book. I am already pumped for it as I have a really, really good vibe from it already. 

Have a great Sunday my friends, and grab a copy of one or all of my books (only $2.99 each!). It's the perfect kind of day for curling up with a good book.



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