I Long for a Place...

-The shores of the Atlantic on the Burren in Ireland-

I have some serious wanderlust. When I was about 10 years old, I happened across a travel brochure for guided tour-vacations to Europe, and ever since then, I've wanted nothing more than to travel to Europe. I finally realized that dream last year when I made a fateful trip to Ireland. It was everything I'd ever dreamed it would be, and I came back home with a new perspective on life. More than that, it filled me with a stronger drive to work harder, be healthier, do more...be better.

It also instilled in me a burning desire to see more of the world than what I have seen. Earlier this year I wrote down an actual bucket list, and at least half of it are trips I'd like to take. After starting that list, I also decided that if nothing else, when my youngest child moves out, I will fill up a backpack and travel around the world. Will I be too old? Of course not. Is there ever really an expiration on your dreams?

Where would you like to travel? 


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