Miles and Miles

Back in April of 2018, prompted by a need to get healthier and get some regular exercise, I started keeping track of the steps/miles I walked every day. At the time, I had an old step counter watch thingy that my dad had given me. A few months into it, I got myself a little, blank notebook from the dollar store to log all these miles in.

Fast forward to today, and I was able to fill in the entire notebook, using that inside back cover to finish the last month of 2021. I thought, then, that it was only fitting that I tally all the miles up over the time that I've been logging in my little notebook.

Here are the stats:

2018: My total mileage this year was 838.08. The reason I logged so few miles compared to the following years is that I didn't start logging my miles until April of that year.

2019: I walked and hiked 1,247.89 miles. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself! 

2020: I only got a few more miles in this year at 1,250.90 miles. Not really a surprise as this wasn't a good year for me, something you know all too well.

2021: I logged a total of 1,318.12 miles! I'm surprised that this was my highest mileage year as I was the least healthy and most out of shape I was out of all the other years. I did manage to rebound the last few months of the year, putting forth the effort and getting back out there. It was also surprising as I tore the meniscus in my right knee rendering me unable to do much walking for a long time. Somehow, though, I still managed to end the year strong. 

Now that my little notebook is completely filled, I'm not logging my hours anymore. Well, that's not entirely true but I'll save that for a post I plan on putting up more towards the middle of the year. I will miss my nifty little space notebook but I'm glad I used it to log all those miles. Looking at it now fills me with inspiration. We'll see how this year goes!

Have a great weekend friends and, if you can, get out and take a walk.




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