Coffee Talk: Let's Have a Chat, Shall We?


Good morning! I have a cup of coffee in my hand, per my usual morning routine, and I'm ready to sit around the table and have a chat with you. So, grab your own coffee (or whatever motivates you in the morning) and we'll get started.

I need to apologize. No really. *sigh* I've been....a lazy bum. I have gone places, done things, and photographed it all, but I haven't posted about any of it! I'm so sorry, honestly. I mean, I have stuff from this past summer that I haven't even touched yet. 

Before I talk any further about this topic, I need to apologize for another. *deep breath* Look, I'm sorry that I've posted ad nauseam about my personal struggles. I know, it's my blog...I know, talking about things helps, but I also know that driving a topic into the ground doesn't win you any friends and drives people away. You were probably just as sick as hearing about it as I was in dealing with it all. I'm over it all. I'm ready to move on from it all - in fact, I have moved on from it all. So, let's carry on, shall we?

Now, back to my lazy ass. Look, I have a ton of material - okay maybe not a ton, but a do have a lot of material that seems like such a shame to just let sit around collecting dust. Since I and my life have returned to a better, happier normal, I want to start fresh in 2022. I'm going to post up the aforementioned things and then move on to new, bigger, and better things. Okay, so I'm going to move back into posting like I did circa 2019 and before.

I'm back to the Wednesday and Saturday schedule, so stay tuned for my first old-new post on Saturday. Also, I'll be sending out my January newsletter soon so make sure you sign up for that. 

Have a great week!


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