Life is Good - A Recap of 2021

2021 started off quietly and different than in past years as covid turned my life upside down (like it did for everyone else). I had been divorced for a few months but was still living as roommates with my ex-husband. It sucked twofold in that the old house was a dump and I was ready to move on from my marriage and make a clean break. 

In April and May, I went through the long and tedious process of finally moving into my own place while moving and dealing with 11 years' worth of stuff out of my old rental house. I also struggled through the rest of the year with children who had some serious issues while I suffered through a midlife crisis.

Unlike past years, the vacation time I took wasn't fun at all and I felt cheated of my time. I wrestled with a year of ups and downs at my job that left me frustrated at best and in tears at worst. I tried working a second job again and it was just awful.

I tore the meniscus in my right knee and it took months to heal. All of these struggles forced my writing to take a backseat. Worst of all, I ate and drank myself through my troubles. 

Then, as November came to a close, things started to change course. Turns out, 2021, while not great, wasn't so bad. Here are all the good things that happened:

* My ex-husband and I suddenly became friends, celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family with our kids. Both holidays were wonderful.

* My kids got through their issues (with and without help) making them, and me, happy again.

* I bought my first brand new car, opening a path for traveling that hadn't happened in a long time.

* I quit my crappy second job while things at my main job settled down and became awesome again.

* My new home is just wonderful and I love it so much.

* I spent a good amount of time during the year exploring both Nebraska and its wines through the Nebraska Wine Passport and it was a ton of fun.

* My knee finally healed and I got back into walking and hiking, ending the year strong, and putting my health back on priority.

* I worked out some of my own issues and became a better friend, daughter, and parent.

I can finally say, after what was a year of some good things and largely crappy things, that life is good. It took a long time to get here, but I made it. I finally feel a sense of peace and happiness that I haven't felt in a very long time - and this time I mean it when I say that. I look around me and I realize how fortunate I am. 

I have a great year planned and I's going to be my best year yet.

Happy New Year, friends. 



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