Portland Vacation: Multnomah Falls

Last year, when I went to Portland, we missed the bus that travels to Multnomah Falls and back. This year, we made sure to catch the bus on time, and, so, Lisa and I finally made it to the Falls. 

Just as iconic and beautiful as the pictures you see in magazines, it was quite the sight to behold. The Falls themselves are crowded with tourists so it's hard - right up there at the iconic bridge - to get a good photo. I wasn't deterred though, and I got some great pictures. After this, we started off on the long trails that winds its way up to the top - what, you thought I wouldn't come here and not hike? 

The trail is paved and is a good 6 miles of switchbacks to reach the top.

The closer you get to the top, the better you can see the mouth of the Falls.

In this shot, you can see the parking lot below and the Columbia River behind it.

Portland is so lovely in October. It reminds me quite a bit of Ireland in a lot of ways, as you can still see greenery well past when you can see it in the Midwest. That's one of the benefits of being Coastal.

As there were other trails to explore, we didn't hike up the entire path but rather went up halfway then back down and over to a different trail.

This photo of a large, overhanging rock doesn't do it justice.

The big leaves of Oregon.

We were pretty excited that we decided to take this second trail as it was not only practically devoid of people, but it led to another waterfall: Wahkeena Falls. Here, you can see where it ends.

Approaching the mouth of Wahkeena Falls.

This was absolutely my favorite shot of the whole trip. While not as long nor as large as Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls was impressive nonetheless, and the best part? No crowds...in fact, we were the only people there and we maybe saw three other people on the trail as we were making our way back to the lodge.

I wasn't scared! I did, however, make sure to keep a close eye on my surroundings.

We ended up hiking over seven miles so we decided to stop at the Lodge for a bite to eat and a beer. This sign hung over the big fireplace there, giving you information about the Falls.

This was a really great day. Not only did I get to spend time with one of my best friends, but I got to go hiking in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Without a doubt, Oregon has quickly become one of my favorite vacation destinations. 

Have a great week my friends, and I'll be back this weekend for another vacation post.


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