An Infamous Grave

Recently, my dad came to visit on the same day that we needed to take The Teen back to Lincoln for the second semester of classes. We all drove down together, then, and spent time checking out things in Lincoln. We started at Morrill Hall, which I will make a separate post about later. 

My dad is a geocacher, and he never misses a chance to find ones in places he's never been before. Because of this, we spent a bit of time at the Wyuka Cemetery. Both caches he was looking for there were what are called virtual caches. You get a few clues, general coordinates, and then it's up to you to find and log it. 

The cemetery itself reminds me quite a bit of Forest Lawn Cemetery here in Omaha. Plenty of mausoleums, a military section, and a baby cemetery.

While my dad searched for the first virtual cache, which he found pretty easily, I walked around and snapped pictures. I love cemeteries. When it was time to find the second virtual cache, dad had trouble finding it so I walked around the area as well, in order to help him. As soon as I laid eyes on the grave, I knew it was the one.

I found the final resting place of Charles Starkweather. Now, if you're unfamiliar with who Charles Starkweather is, let me start by telling you he was a teenaged spree killer who killed eleven people between late 1957 and well into 1958. Books, movies, and even songs, were written and made about Charles Starkweather and the killings. As someone who's always been interested in crime history and stories, I was fascinated by this. For more information, you can read the Wikipedia article about him.


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