Sometimes, You Have to Do What Works for You

Back in September, I mentioned how I had been craving some meat so I took the advice of others and let myself have a little. I was hoping that would take care of my cravings, but it didn't. In fact, the cravings have only gotten stronger as time has worn on, so I thought if I added some iron to my diet that that might help. Again, it didn't. 

This had really gotten me thinking about things and I wondered if I should start eating animal products again. I mean, I was never an ethical vegan to begin with, but rather I started eating a plant-based diet in order to get healthier and lose some weight. And to that end, it was a success. I fell in love with vegetables again and lost weight. Eventually, however, I adapted to the new diet and began eating like crap (yes, you can eat like crap on a vegan diet) and overeating. 

Three years into plant-based eating, back in May 2018, I was tired of yo-yo-ing on my weight and had already begun an aggressive walking plan, so I decided to try keto. I actually worked well for me during the month that I tried it, but being vegan AND keto is tough, so I gave it up. I told myself then that if I ever decided to start eating meat again that I would give keto another go.

Sooo, after nearly four years of being a vegan, I've given it up and returned to eating an omnivore diet. I'm not just eating any omni diet, but, like I promised myself last year, I went keto. I've got about 50 more lbs that I want to lose, and I think this is going to help me out. I'm already familiar, obviously, with how keto works, but it will be easier now that I can eat meat, eggs, and dairy. 

Wish me luck!


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