A True Winter's Hike

This past weekend was a holiday weekend, so I was fortunate enough to have a three-day weekend. The weather was also yucky enough to spend the first two days inside, where I relaxed, super-cleaned the house, and got several little projects done that needed to be taken care of. However, while I was productive inside, I'm still an outdoor girl at heart. So, on Monday, then, I put on the warm base layers I had purchased over the holidays, put on some good outer layers, and went out to Hitchcock Nature Center for a true winter's hike.

Now, for my loyal readers, you already know how I made a promise to myself last year that I would no longer be afraid to walk/hike/be outside in general no matter what the weather conditions. This, then, was a true test of my will to be outside. It was cold, so very cold. 

It was also stunningly gorgeous. I have to admit, that being in the forest any time of the year is beautiful. 

I've now been to HNC in every single season, and it's lovely in each one. It's more than that though - it's almost like being in a different place each time, yet familiar. 

While I saw maybe four other cars there, I only ran across two people. It's another nice bonus to have the extreme weather give you more private time to commune with nature.

I only ended up hiking 2.5 miles as it's tougher to hike in this weather and I'm not used to it, but that will change. Now that I know that my base layers provide good protection and that I can truly hike in any weather...I'll be getting outside more this winter than any winter previously.

And since I'm still walking to work every day, I'm getting my miles in as well.

Have a great week, friends and fans.


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