Mount Magazine

Good morning! I hope your week is going well. I'm on vacation, of course, but it hasn't been without a challenge. The sickness that I've been plagued with, just won't seem to leave me alone. I've been quite congested and afflicted with overall body exhaustion, but I haven't let it stop me! I didn't come all the way to the majestic forests and mountains of Arkansas to be stopped by leftover sickness.

Yesterday was our first full day here, and so we headed out to my pick: Mount Magazine. It's the tallest mountain in Arkansas and sits firmly within the Ozark Mountains. 

Signal Hill is the highest point in Arkansas and sits on the uppermost part of Mount Magazine. We hiked to it, of course.

There's a lodge on top of Mount Magazine, which, as you can see, was completely surrounded by fog. Mount Magazine creates its own weather, and it foggy nine days out of every month. Yesterday was one of those days.

After we climbed Signal Hill, we mosied over to the Visitor's Center where we hiked along the ridges of Mount Magazine. While the fog obscured far off visions, we could see it pretty well and it sure didn't take away from the magnificent beauty that surrounded us. We sure enjoyed every second we were there.

I'll be back Friday with another update post. Have a great day!


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