Arkansas Vacation: Mount Magazine

Good morning! I'm finally feeling soooo much better after going back to the doctor Wednesday. He prescribed a strong antibiotic for sinus infection, and after three days of being on it, I'm definitely feeling better than I have in weeks. I've been busy this morning, finally getting caught up on the tons of things that got pushed off to the side when I wasn't feeling well for three weeks. 

It's time to start sharing my Arkansas Vacation with you all! I know I touched on this briefly last week, but here's the first post of my vacation story. 

We got to Arkansas on Monday evening last week, so we visited with my mom and got settled in at her house. The next morning, we packed a picnic lunch and headed for my first pick: Mount Magazine.

Signal Hill on Mount Magazine is the Highest Point in Arkansas.

I picked Mount Magazine because it's the tallest mountain in Arkansas. We hiked the short trail up to Signal Hill, the actual highest point in the state.

The Teen surveys the foggy view from the top.

We first arrived on the mountain to a foggy view so heavy that we couldn't see far past it. It was still beautiful anyway, and my kids enjoyed looking around.

The fog rolling around the Lodge gave it a horror movie feel.

There's a big lodge on the mountain where one can spend the night and/or grab a bite to eat.

The Teen and Nature Girl pose for the camera.

After hiking up to Signal Hill, we drove over to the Visitor's Center. There, we watched a short film that explained how Mount Magazine has it's own distinct weather, and that it's covered in fog nine days out of every month. Of course, one of those days just happened to be the day we were there. We weren't bothered by it, and as we started hiking the long mountain trails behind the VC, the fog started to lift enough to see across the valley.

My mom and the Teen hiking along together.

Nature Girl loved the various creek crossings we hiked across.

A beautiful, yet foggy, view of the mountains.

Bridge at Cove Lake.

After we were done hiking along the ridges of Mount Magazine, we headed back to my mom's house. We stopped along the mountain road to admire Cove Lake.

Gorgeous view across Cove Lake to the Ozarks.

This beautiful lake at the base of the mountain affords breathtaking views and wide-open scenery.

This was truly a beautiful place to be. I only wish two things had been different: 1. it wouldn't have been so foggy, and 2. I wouldn't have been sick. Still, I don't regret going there one bit. It was fantastic and we all loved the fresh air, exercise, and beautiful views. For more information on Mount Magazine, click here.

Bonus photo: one drives through Paris, AR, to get to Mount Magazine, and, true to their name, have a little Eiffel Tower there. *laugh* I can now say I've been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. ;)


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