Dollar Tree Vegan Snack Haul

I've always been a fan of the Dollar Tree. Where else can you spend $50 on things you didn't know you needed? Actually, they have a nice selection of things and there are plenty of great buys to be had. They are great for finding gift bags and wrapping supplies, great holiday cards, seeds for planting, seasonal decor, household supplies (like qtips, kleenex, and storage containers). 

As a vegan, though, some of my favorite snacks and treats come from the Dollar Tree. Yep, it's true, the DT has me covered. Here's a link to learn about some other Dollar Tree Vegan goodies, but keep in mind that you'll have some variation from store to store, and region to region. Anyway, they recently built a DT close to my home (oh yeah baby!), so I go there more frequently than I have in the past. A few weeks ago, we hit up DT in order to get some snacks for family movie night (they have an enormous section of movie theatre candy as well as other snacks), so I thought I'd share my vegan snack haul.

Oh my! Who doesn't love some warm, soft pretzels! They come with the salt packets separate, so you can decide if and how much salt you want to add. I'll whip up a quick vegan cheese sauce, and yum!

I have a thing for the Lay's Stax, plain of course, and so I always grab some for snacks. This dark chocolate bar is also vegan, and so I buy it for choco-attacks.

Fruity candy is my favorite, as well as a touch of sour sometimes, so these two lovelies came home with me.

Okay, so these aren't really snacks but I grabbed them anyway and thought I'd share. Coconut milk can be spendy, but I love having it on hand for when I have a hankering for Indian food. On the right is one of my favorite items from DT, El Pato's Salsa de Chile Fresco. Basically, it's a tomato sauce spiced up with chiles, garlic, and onions. OMG you guys, it's spicy and fabulous and is the PEFECT enchilada sauce. It's only a buck you dollar!

So there you have it, just a glimpse into the vegan goodies you can get at the Dollar Tree. They have tons of other good stuff, and, believe it or not, their freezer section is a vegan dream. Go check them out for yourself sometime!


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