Coffee Talk: Photography, Traveler's Itch, and the Write Life

Good morning! It's time for a cup of coffee and a chat. Have you got your cup? I've got mine, so let's get started. 

Recently, my husband and I were talking, and I brought up photography. As most of you already know, I love taking's a bit of an amateur hobby of mine. Over the holidays, I used my gift money to purchase a good camera. Since then, I've been using it a little more often. My husband suggested I start trying to capture motion shots, and I thought that was a great idea. So, recently when I took Nature Girl to our local park, I brought my camera with me. The Teen met us there later and I captured a few shots that I really liked. 

While I'm not going to post those photos today, here are a couple of cool photos I took that day as well.

The Grotto staircase in Elmwood Park, Omaha, NE.

Someone took the time to build this shelter out of logs and sticks. Cool, huh?


View of the Ozarks from Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas.

Next month our family vacation is happening, and we're all very excited. As I've mentioned before (in this post), we're heading to Arkansas. Arkansas? Yes, Arkansas. My mom moved there a few years ago for her job, and I took the kids down for a short three-day visit. I didn't really know much about Arkansas, so you can imagine my surprise at how beautiful it is. It's a nature lover's/outdoor person's dream! My mom is literally surrounded by mountains and forests. Mountains and forests everywhere!

We've got a plan, and a week off, and we're all picking out at least one place to go. That way everyone gets to do at least one thing they'd really like to do while we're on vacation. It's a special trip for us as well as it's our first, full-fledged, family vacation. I mean, we did take our actual first one last year--to Colorado which was awesome btw--but it was only for four days, including driving time. It wasn't nearly enough and we all wished we had more time to explore the mountains and forests there. Well, now we get to do it. While the Ozark Mountains aren't as large as the Rockies, they're still impressive.


I'm still slugging away at The Box. I was hoping to be at the editing stage right now, but I really want this book to be perfect, so I've taken the extra step of having someone read through it before I work on it much more so I can get a good idea of any grammatical or continuity issues. Also, feedback is good, and since I self-publish, this is a good preliminary step I'm going to start taking from here on out. 

I have found a new book writing program that looks like it will be perfect for finally getting my book to look the way I want it to look after upload. I'll keep you posted on that, as well as my progress. I'll have it done, just you wait! This time though, I'm doing it better. If there's nothing else I can say about The Write Life, I keep improving and that's important.

Well, that about wraps up today's Coffee Talk. It's hump day which means we're halfway to the weekend again. The weather here, while windy, is beautiful right now, and it's got me thinking about spring. How about you? 


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