A Day in the Clouds

I got a chance, recently, to have a day to myself. It's a rare day indeed when I can enjoy some solitude, so I made sure to take full advantage of it. I started off by getting the house clean & tidy in the manner I like it. Then, I got some little things done: I finished & started a new chapter of my forthcoming book; did some small tasks around the house that needed done; and ran an errand...all before noon. I finished by swinging through a drive-thru and then heading out to the woods. What? Did you think I wouldn't take a hike?

The icing on the cake was arriving at Neale Woods to find out that I was alone there as well. Ahhh. How great is that? As I began my hike, I was really struck by how clear & blue the sky was, and how surreal, puffy, and white the clouds looked. I captured some good shots that day, so enjoy!

My lone car! I had the whole place to myself, and look how gorgeous my view was.

There is an old sundial there. It's not telling accurate time anymore. I think it's been messed with.

As I headed on the path down to the woods.

I took this shot from the machine shed. The patterned roof tiles gave the shot some contrast and interest.

View from the other direction.

Almost to the woods!

One of the trail signs that dot the landscape at Neale Woods.

When I finished my hike, I sat at the bench opposite the old visitor's center. You can just make out the Omaha skyline off in the distance. It looks beautiful, even if they recently burned off the landscape during their yearly controlled burn.

One last shot of the clouds. The Sun was hiding behind it momentarily.


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