An Afternoon with the Kids

Lately, my Sunday afternoon adventures with Nature Girl have been joined in by The Teen. It's been a pleasant addition because he had quit going anywhere with any of us for quite a long time. He's a typical teenager that would rather spend time with his friends, so we had just resigned ourselves to the fact that it would just be Mom, Dad, and Nature Girl, or Mom and Nature Girl on Sundays. Sometime in January, however, The Teen started expressing an interest in going with Nature Girl and I on our Sunday adventures. I'm sure glad he did, because it's awfully nice having him around. 

Anyway, this last Sunday saw some warmth come back to the Midwest. Our Midwest weather has lived up to it's reputation of being wildly fluctuating. Sunday, while in the 40s, was a sight warmer than the previous few days, and that's warm enough to get outside. We headed out to Schramm State Park for a hike, where we were treated to various degrees of Winter. Here, then, are some pictures from the afternoon.

Nature Girl draws while The Teen looks out one of the ponds.

Much like the last few bodies of water we've been too, birds were there, namely geese.

The kids carefully navigate a fallen tree that's always been there.

A view through the trees on the half-trail.

Snow covered steps.

Green algae floating on one of the fish hatchery ponds.

The kids look for fish in the fish hatchery pond.

Some of the fish in the hatch ponds. There was a nice mix of them floating around. We fed them while we were there.

The kids and I.


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