What's in my Mail?

For the last few months, I've been posting my Ipsy subscriptions as they come in. Yesterday, it arrived, but it arrived with some other fun stuff that I had ordered from Amazon with my holiday gift cards. Anyway, I thought I'd share all the things that came in.

A few weeks ago I made a quick stop at Akin's to pick up some supplements and, of course, I perused the aisles for a while. I found the neatest little tea press for loose-leaf tea. I occasionally drink breakfast tea (something I picked up from a trip to Ireland), and I also keep a few different kinds of loose-leaf herbal tea around as well. I have a tea ball, but sometimes I want more than one cup of tea. I decided not to buy the tea press I saw at Akin's because I had Amazon gift cards. This coffee press was cheaper than the tea presses and does the exact same thing, so I got it. I'm looking forward to drinking some English breakfast tea this weekend!

I do so love my music, and I have my favorite genres, but I really grew to love the band Alabama Shakes. I liked a few songs off their first album, but after they put out their second album I was properly impressed. So, I purchased it and it's going to be blasted in the car on my way to work today.

You all know from reading the posts here on my website, that I am obviously a vegan. To that end, I've been collecting some good vegan cookbooks. This is the fourth one I've purchased, and I've heard nothing but good about it. I cannot wait to start making some of the awesome staples that Miyoko has developed. Look forward to some related food posts!

I love me some tofu, but it needs to be pressed of the majority of its liquid before use. I usually accomplish this by taking a plate, covering it in a small stack of paper towels, setting a block of tofu on that, covering it with another stack of paper towels, adding another plate on top of this upside-down, and then stacking a bunch of cans on top. If I'm not careful, my cans come crashing down and my tofu quits pressing! The remedy? An actual tofu press! I can't wait for my next tofu scramble.

Last, but not least, my monthly Ipsy subscription arrived. From left to right:

*theBalm's Mr. Write Now eyeliner in Jac. It's a brown color, and I had just been lamenting the day before that I need brown eyeliner (I've been using an old eyebrow pencil) so this was a pleasant surprise.
*hey honey's eye contour lifting fluid
*Mitchell and Peach's English Leaf body cream (smells heavenly)
*Hikari's cream pigment eye shadow in Mink. It's a brownish color and will go well with the eyeliner, which I'm sure was planned. 
*Lastly, a Beau Gachis smudge brush. I got a bunch of new brushes for Xmas, and I am excited to add this to my collection as I don't have enough really good eyeshadow brushes.

So, there you have it. I got all kinds of fun stuff in the mail yesterday! It was like Christmas Part 2.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends.



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