Felix Novus Annus

Well, it's now officially 2016 and I'm back at my computer after taking a much-needed breather from everything. I had to work all of the holiday days, and while it did kind of suck in terms of my general mood and celebrating with my little family, my bank account really thanked me. I didn't complain too much though because, truth be told, I know all too well how fortunate I am to have a good job working for a good company. When I see other people struggling I remind myself of this. 

Celebrating the holidays after everyone else already has had its advantages. I was able to buy Christmas wrapping paper, bags, candy, and other festive items for 75% off, and many other items were marked down as well since everyone else is pretty much done with shopping for awhile. Mine and my husband's paychecks were much larger than normal and we were able to spoil the kids just enough for our upcoming Christmas celebration. I didn't have to deal with the crazy crowds while shopping like I would during the time leading up to the holidays. I'm celebrating New Year's Eve tonight on New Year's Day so I won't have all the craziness out there to deal with. All these things have been a plus.

2015 was a decent year. The beginning of the year marked a year without smoking, I wrote two books, I went vegan, I lost 70 pounds and got healthier, I started a good job that I like, and I strengthened my relationships with my friends, family, and children. I did a lot of soul searching and self-reflection and came to some hard truths about myself that have always been hard for me to admit openly. This last part helped me most in repairing one of the most important relationships I have, and I am thankful for that even though I didn't have any desire to repair it before. I also hit a milestone in a woman's life, perimenopause, and it's been a real bear to deal with. 

Through it all, I am thankful. Thankful for all that I have and hold dear. Thankful for the opportunities I've had. Thankful for so many things. 

I'm grateful to 2015, but I'm more than ready to bid it adieu. On to 2016! I hope it proves to be my best year yet. I also hope it proves to be a great year for you as well. It's new, so grab it by the horns and do that thing you've always wanted to do, whatever it is.

Much love, 


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