Burns Nicht

Bringing in the haggis

My friend giving his annual Robert Burns' Address to the Haggis

Bagpipers (it wouldn't be Scottish without this)

Last night, I finally made it up to the annual Burns Nicht that has happened for the last six years. I'd been wanting to go for the last few years, but had never made it for whatever reason. I'm half Swede, but the other half of me is predominantly Scotch-Irish. My ancestors traveled into America, through the Appalachians where they eventually settled in Southern Missouri. I also own a small plot of land in Scotland, in County Glencoe, so it was only fitting that I went.

It was a lot of fun. There was plenty of Scottish food (which I didn't partake of as I've been a vegan for awhile now), bagpipers (obviously), and, of course, haggis. It was nice to be able to celebrate my Scotch heritage while hanging out with my husband and friends.

Burns Nicht mean Burns Night and is aptly named after the 18th Century Scottish poet Robert Burns. Burns is most famous for writing Auld Lang Syne and and Scots Wha Hae, which as the unofficial Scottish Anthem for several years. He also loved his haggis so much that he wrote the Address to a Haggis for it. A friend of mine delivers the Address to the Haggis every year at Burns Nicht here and I was glad I finally got to see him do it. 

Long live the kilt!  ;)


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