A Warm Saturday

Yesterday was in the 40s, and during this time of year (and considering how the weather has been) that is a heatwave! I was itching to get outside pretty badly, so, since my husband and son were gone, I decided it would be the perfect time to get my daughter out for some much-needed mom-daughter time. We grabbed a light lunch, and then headed down to Fontanelle Nature Center. They have a very long boardwalk that I figured would be perfect for getting in a good "hike" since whatever trails might be free of snow would just be a sloppy, muddy mess. It was gorgeous out, and I feel like I got my batteries recharged.

A view off the farthest end of the boardwalk. You can see all the way across and just make out the Omaha skyline, including the Desert Dome at Henry Doorly Zoo.

A cute turtle inside the nature center, where we spent over an hour after our long walk, which was my daughter's favorite.

While my daughter played with other kids inside the nature center, I relaxed in the bird watching room. I literally sat here for over an hour just watching the squirrels and the birds eat. I felt so connected to my favorite of favorite places to be: outside.


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