Empties: Hit or Miss

It's been awhile since I've done a beauty post, and I have some empties, so it's a good time to go over if they were hit or miss. Additionally, I have a really cool beauty post coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that!

First up, shampoo & conditioner. I used the conditioner up first so I got rid of the bottle, but I absolutely loved the Advanced Hair Series by Dove. This set was the youthful Vitality for aging hair, and it was perfect. As someone who intends on letting their hair go grey, and who currently has quite a bit of grey hair, I needed a shampoo & conditioner that would work well for it. This stuff not only smelled good, but made my hair soft and smooth. The other set was Herbal Essence's naked 0%. It has no parabens or color in it, and it was also a great buy. It also made my hair soft and smooth, and it smelled awesome. The scent is white grapefruit and mint extract, and man, that grapefruit smells wonderful. I got both of these at the drug store, so they're easy enough to find. Final verdict: HIT!

Next up, the White Rain Boutique Collection that I snagged at the Dollar Tree during a $5 haul (you can find that post under my lifestyle and beauty tab up top). Not that I was expecting wonders out of these products, but there was a reason they ended up on the shelves of a dollar store. The first one was their facial cleanser and makeup remover. This stuff did not work well at all. It was a runny soap and didn't really suds up nor clean well at all. The second one was their daily foot and heel cream. Nothing special there either as it didn't do crap for my feet. I didn't even finish it because it was just a watery, lotion that dries up quickly. Last, the gentle facial scrub. Ick! This one was the worst. It was an opaque version of the watery facial cleanser & makeup remover with some large chunks of goo that I assume were the "scrub" part of the cleanser. Another item I didn't finish. They will all hit the trash. I still have a couple other of these products, but we'll save those for another day. Final verdict: MISS!

Last up, two of Piper's body sprays and alba's Hawaiian oil-free moisturizer. I love body sprays more than I love perfume, and these two (Love Spark and Moroccan Dream) were average. The scent lasted awhile, but not forever, but definitely better than your cheap variety. I would definitely recommend one of the more popular brands (Body Fantasy is my fave) first, but these are fine. The scents were great! Last, the alba moisturizer. I tend to have a t-zone face, and I don't always need an oily moisturizer so I had picked this up awhile back (along with their pineapple enzyme wipes--another post for another day) and I love it. It was a good quality moisturizer and recommend it for those with oily skin or a t-zone like me as it worked well on dry spots too.


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