Autumn Hikes & Storytelling

 Hello friends and fans! How has your past week been? I've been busy working at my job, spending time with the kiddos, and working on my book "The Station". I'm happy to report that I'm nearly finished writing the book, but then I will have the arduous task of editing. Sounds easier than it actually is, as I'm a good editor, but there's always something about editing your own work that ensures you miss things! Anyway, you'll be hearing more about that soon enough.

Ever since my down mood (which was figured out to be, and subsequently blamed on, my aging hormones) I've been taking solitary Monday hikes in my favorite forested areas around the Metro. My kids have been home for intersession, so I took them with me today. It kind of messed up my Monday mojo, but it was still very pleasant. It was an unusally warm day, in the 80s!, and we went out to Neale Woods. 

The old mower-tractor barn. Neale Woods is owned by Fontanelle, and they've let Neale Woods go while they shovel most of the funds into Fontanelle Forest. It's very sad, and upsets me, as this place is absolutely serene and gorgeous. I hope they remedy that soon.


This old wooden viewing deck looks across the forest, the river, and over into the Loess Hills over in Iowa. It's a beautiful view and a nice place to sit, but like everything else at Neale Woods these days, it's fallen into disrepair.

The old sun dial actually keeps good track of time, but, of course, if it's cloudy or Daylight Savings time, it's off a bit.  ;)

The cool thing about the entrance into Neale Woods is how you can see a glimpse of the Omaha skyline off in the distance. I love how the trees made a little frame around First National tower and the Woodmen building.

It was a gorgeous, Autumn sunset this evening. 

We scavenged fallen wood to bring home for a bonfire, but I got too busy cooking supper that the rest of the evening got away from me. I'm definitely saving the wood for Friday night. Hopefully, it will be pleasant enough.


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